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Online store development

We entrust the design an online store development to the best in the field – Magento Commerce – the worldwide leader platform for e-commerce. In addition to practically having no limits in upgrading and creating new functionalities, Magento has also earned reputation of the most secure system which is of utmost importance for every business and gives the opportunity for a multi – objective optimization for search engines.

Tourist websites

You own a hotel, a guesthouse or some other holiday place but you don’t have a website or your site does not match current requirements. We will offer you the most suitable solution including a booking calendar, embedded payment system, multi-functional picture gallery and much more business facilitation. Our proposal will be tailored to excellent SEO optimization capabilities.

Corporate website

Probably you have heard your clients say “Hadn’t I chanced to be on this street, I would have never known about your company’s existence! I am very pleased with your services!” Mouth-to-mouth advertising is great but if you want to increase the number of your clients and to expand your business, your presence on the Internet is a must. The world is changing and if you are not on the Internet, it is like you don’t even exist. We will help you to be successful.

Presentation website

Through a presentation website you can represent any kind of activity. No matter if you are a company, an organization, a fellowship, a foundation of a restoration atelier, you need some promotion. Internet is the most powerful means of advertising and the fastest way to reach people. You need a website – we’re going to make one for you.

Website redesign

You want a new design for your website? You have changed the mission of your website? You want to add some new functionalities? If your answer to some of these questions is “YES” , you need a website redesign. Contact us and share your ideas. We will update your website so that it would be up-to-date and it would raise the web page position on search engines rankings.

Specific modules

Your website needs some additional functionalities? Feel free to contact us no matter if you need development of some already existing functionalities or creating new ones. After we discuss your ideas with you, we will come up with the best solution to achieve the desired results considering your budget.

Website support

If you don’t have the time or the necessary skills to maintain your website, we will gladly take the task for you. Thus you will be able to dedicate to your business and your clients.

Optimization (SEO)

Optimization is a process that requires in-depth analysis, research, continuous improvement and PERSEVERANCE. And it takes time. We use only trustworthy and legal SEO techniques compliant with search engines’ requirements.

Social Media (SMM)

SEO and SMM work hand in hand. Search engines are counting on quality and useful content and social media is a powerful tool for analyzing consumer preferences and extremely valuable to any business.

Mobile apps

As smartphones develop, applications are an integral part of them and our everyday life. Considering your needs, we will create the most suitable application for you so that it would be functional and convenient for your customers.

Personal hosting solutions

The significance of hosting in terms of SEO optimization is not to be ignored. If you still don’t have a web host for your website, you can take advantage of our proposals. We will make up the most profitable plan for you including everything you need.

Trainings & Workshops

You are a company that needs trainings for its employees and customers. Or you may be an educational institution and you’d like us to conduct training for your students. We will share our experience with pleasure.

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