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General Questions

How does your business work?

We are in Sofia. We work with different clients – businesses or individuals, from Bulgaria as well as from all over the world, by communicating by phone, email and chat. Personal meetings with our clients are not obligatory – we live in a technological world and distances do not matter, and time is a valuable resource.

Do we sign a contract for a website development?

Yes, we do. After specifying the details of the site’s work, we offer a contract describing the stages of work, payment methods, and other necessary steps. Upon approval by the client, this agreement is signed in duplicate, one copy for each party.

What are the possible ways of payment?

To facilitate our clients we offer different payment options:

1. Bank transfer

2. PayPal

3. ePay

4. EasyPay

Are the published prices on the site final?

Yes, they are. The published prices on the site only apply to our package products and are inclusive of VAT. Based on them and a signed contract, we issue an invoice.

Do you issue a document certifying the completion of the service?

Yes, we do. After finishing work on a project, we issue an invoice in accordance with Bulgarian legislation.

What platform to use for my website?

If you want to present your business online but you do not know which option would be the most suitable for you – an HTML site, a PHP site written for you or a CMS system *, and you need the most optimal solution, we will consult you for free. Contact us through our CONTACT FORM.

*CMS systems: WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Drupal.

Website Design

How much does a website cost?

The price is individual and depends on the volume of work (design, functionalities, additional wishes of the client). For each project, the final price is agreed upon and after approval it is included in the contract for website creation. Check out our fixed price packages. The products are specially designed to offer all the necessary functionalities for your site with free services included, as well as numerous SEO optimization options without significant price increase.

How long will it take to deveop the base website packs?

This depends on the complexity and structure of the site. Once we have specified the details, we calculate the production time and enter it into the contract. If you want to purchase a base pack, after payment, we will install the site within 1 business day, after which you will have access to your administrative panel to enter data into the site.

I want a website. What’s next?

Contact us. Once we have specified the details of the project and reached mutual agreement, we sign a contract and start working. As our client you will be able to keep track of the implementation process. After the completion of the project and your approval, we submit the site to become operational.

What should I prepare for the purpose of website creation?

In order to create your site, you will have to prepare materials in advance – texts, quality photos, company logo, etc. To specify the details of the project and to prepare the contract, you must answer the questions:
1. What will you use your website for?
2. What structure, functionality, and design you want your site to have?
3. Who will prepare the content for the site – logo, banners, photos, texts, descriptions?
If you do not have the materials under item 3, we can offer our logo and bannering services, capture photos and create texts for your site, and advise you on important functionalities.

Website Support

I already have a website. Can it be updated?

Yes. If you already have a website that is well positioned in the search engines and want to update the design or add functionality, you do not have to create a new website. Contact us. We will review your site and, once we know what the new requirements are, we will offer a solution for its renewal.

Are you offering support for a website that is not created by you?

Yes. If you need support for your website, contact us. Once we specify what you need, we will set up a work plan. Once approved by you, we sign a contract and begin the maintenance of your site.

Do I need support for a website you have made?

The decision lies with you. Regarding the content update it’s preferable that you do this because you know your business best. Regarding the functionalities – completing and developing new ones as well as maintaining the hosting – we offer base packages for site support tailored to the specific projects developed. If you wish – we will be committed to maintaining your site by signing an annual contract to this end. The payment is monthly and is described in the maintenance agreement.

What costs will I have once the website is started?

You should keep track of and renew the domain name (once a year), the hosting service (once a year), and possibly the monthly site maintenance fee if you have a contract.

Domain & Hosting

Do you offer a domain registration?

Yes, we do. We offer the domain registration service with .com, .net, .org, .eu, and more. The price depends on the extension of the domain + the bank transfer fee. The domain name fee is annual and is paid for at least 1 year.

Do you offer hosting?

Yes. We offer the website hosting service. Depending on the needs of your business, we will choose and prepare an appropriate hosting plan. It is paid once a year and is to be renewed each year.

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